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Portugal Guide

Travel is a way for me to see clearer, it truly helps cleanse my head & gain so much confidence in myself and my abilities in life. I’ve been traveling since I was 6 months old, exploring my way to Greece to visit family solo at the age of 8, and even planning trips alone. So this year I wanted to get away before the holidays got started, and initially I wanted to visit Spain & Morocco but in an interesting turn of events, a beautiful angel, named Courtney, was in Europe at the time I wanted to travel and we met up, you can check out her blog at hey, Courto!

So we spent five days in Lisbon, and here are the most memorable parts of the trip!

PS if you wanna see a crazy rant about my travels getting to Lisbon and my recommendations on what NOT to do scroll to the end.

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Lisbon, Portugal

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Day 1 & 2:

Lisbon, Portugal

Day 1 & 2:

After my hectic travel to Lisbon, I arrived at my Airbnb in Bairro Alto around 9:00pm (a whole day after I left BWI), and Courtney had made me dinner and grabbed a bottle of wine for us to enjoy while watching a movie.

The following day we woke up early and enjoyed brunch at Noobai, at around 10:00am on the spectacular rooftop (see photo above) with an amazing view of Lisbon. I enjoyed the Energy breakfast which consisted of scrambled eggs with fresh chives, bacon, roasted mushrooms, a grilled tomato, cottage cheese, mango, kiwi, watermelon & more fruits and veggies for 12 Euro (absolutely insane price!). Courtney enjoyed a large Yogurt bowl & a fruit bowl for 10 Euro (see photo above for food reference)!

  • We walked to Senhora do Monte which was a beautiful view of all of lisbon, including the cathedrals, castle and the water

  • Directly below was Jardim da Cerca da Graca which was a beautfil park that allowed dogs, and had an orange grove attached to it

  • For lunch we stumbled upon Cafe Restaurante o Cantinho when exploring and enjoyed a unique delicacy of cod and thinly sliced almost potato chip like potatoes and egg with Azores goat cheese & olives

  • We went to Cantinho do Avillez which was Jose Avillez’s restaurant - we waited an hour and were sat, the food was mediocre and they charged me $18 for a cocktail when the cocktails were $10

  • That night we went to Park bar which was a bar ontop of a parking garage (if you’re staying in Bairro Alto or Chiado this is the area to go out, as well as Pink lane)

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Feature 2

Lisbon Day 3:

  • It rained in Lisbon on Sunday so we slept in late and walked to Talk To Me a brunch restaurant about a 20 minute walk from our Airbnb through some beatiful and steep streets

  • Talk to me - we enjoyed the brunch spread which consisted of avocado toast with smoked salmon, yogurt, fresh granola and portugese apricot preserve, grapefruit and a small side salad

  • Exquisite location and up until this point we hadn’t enjoyed much of the food

  • There was a beautoful aprk acorss the street and we decided to climb some trees and enjoy our child like wonder

  • For dinner we walked to Time out Market which is an enormous market complete with over 20 various food stalls

    • I enjoyed Grilled Octopus over Potatoes Gratin & Portugese Cod Salad from Marlene Vieira

    • Also enjoyed chocolate and cinnamon gelato from Santini Gelato

  • After that, since we were a tad hungover, we came back to our beautoful airbnb and watched bridesmades and drank some portugese wine

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Feature 3

Lisbon Day 4:

  • We explored Sintra today and WOW was it a magical and mystical place

  • Our first stop was Pena Castle which was esentially Jasmine’s castle mixed with cinderellas castle with some additional flare

    • So absolutely stunning and unique and quite frankly fake looking

  • Second stop was Quinta Da Regaleira which was a estate to a wealthy family - it was a literary jungle gym for adults

    • Dante’s inferno initiation cleaning ritual

    • Largest generator

    • All carved into ancient sea stone

      • That part of portugal was under the ocean for millions of years which casues the rocks and stones to form interesting colors and crators

  • Third stop was Cabo De Rocha which is known as the “end of the world”

    • By far one of the most beautiful places I have ever been

    • This is where europeans considered the world to end and it makes total sense, the cliffs drop dramatically to crashing waves and sharp boulders below with a chest tightening vastness across the sea

  • After our big day of sight seeing we walked to 11 Tapas which was delicious

    • We enjoyed pesto pasta, garlic portuguese shrimp and marinated mushrooms

Traveling rant begins now:

Do not, I repeat DO NOT fly Wow Air ever. It is such a disrespectful company that does not care about their customers in any way, shape or form. My flight from BWI to Iceland was delayed 3 hours, thats fine I don’t care about delays, except that I had two connecting flight in order to reach Lisbon. When I arrived to BWI I called Wow Air customer service to confirm I wouldn't be missing my connecting flight to London from Iceland, and therefore wouldn’t be missing my connecting flight to Lisbon from London - the customer service representatives & the Wow Air employees at the front desk at BWI assured me all flights were confirmed and I wouldn't miss my connecting flights. Great, so I board the plane to Iceland confident I was fine. I arrive in Iceland to find out that my flight to London had been cancelled 2 days before, mind you less than 8 hours before this I confirmed I wouldn’t miss my flight to London and now I’m being told it was cancelled for days. DAYS. I keep my cool because they said they had a flight out plan for me and all of the passengers of the flight - so I wait an hour, two hours, three hours and finally I’m told I can get a flight out in three days and they will only pay for one night in a hotel in Iceland. So at this point, the airline flew me and 100+ other people to a foreign country with NO WAY OUT, and would not even cover accommodation to stay in the country they abandoned us in. I was forced to book two additional $800 flights to get to Lisbon because I had already missed my connecting flight from London to Lisbon. When I spoke with the customer service women at the desk in the Iceland airport, she gave me a sheet that confirmed I would be reimbursed for my flight since I didn’t reach my final destination, and because the flight was delayed more than 3 hours (according to EU law you can be reimbursed up to $500) - and I was pleased with that. So I sent in all of the paperwork, I wrote out exactly what happened and who I spoke with and was greated 2 months later with an DECLINED refund. I called the customer service and they told me that due to the plane having a malfunction they didn’t have to refund me - NOT TRUE - the plane did NOT have a malfunction and the issue was that I never got to my final destination which was the whole point of the flight - so I am currently in a battle with my credit card company & Wow air to refund for for abandoning me, a solo female traveler, in a foreign country with no way out.

Life is all about learning and damn, lesson learned.